Benefits of a Luxury Shower Cap

Why use a luxury Shower Cap?

Not only are they 100% waterproof for the Bath & Shower, a good
quality Shower cap is perfect for those who want a better hair
care routine. Our luxury shower caps are made spaciously
whilst not being loose, they prevent frizz and tangle build
up in your hair and maintain moisture during hair care treatments.

Luxury Shower Caps work perfectly for night treatments, super
comfortable for sleeping in and wet plopping which encourages
hair definition. Your hair will absorb oils and moisturising
products better while avoiding any stains on your pillow and
hair strands wake up looking much more nourished in the morning, reducing breakages in your hair.

Why use a Shower Goddess Shower Cap?

Our Luxury Shower Caps are made for long-lasting hair protection. They literally last for years so you won't have to buy
plastic or cheap shower caps that easily fall apart and don't
last very long. 

Shower Goddess Shower caps are all made with 100% Duchess Satin Fabric, a high quality luxury feel fabric with a 100% waterproof nylon layer underneath. We're proud to handcraft the best quality shower caps on the market today.

Are they Machine Washable?

Yes. You can wash your shower cap in the machine on a gentle wash at 30 degrees and leave to air dry. They dry really quickly on
their own but we recommend machine washing your cap every 1-2 months.